Chicago Day 2

I cannot believe that 2 days have already flown by for our Chicago Mission Trip. We traveled to Chicago on Sunday and had a great time at the park…we took some time to prayerwalk through the park. Praying for the people that we saw there, for the people that we would meet this week and for each other. A GREAT way to kick things off.

Then we headed out to an authentic Mexican Restaurant…they made ALL of their food from scratch and we closed the place down with our group of 39…we literally took up every seat in the place!  And the food was AMAZING! 

Then we headed to New Life Community Center…the church where we will be staying and 1/2 of our team will be serving there all week. It was so, so good to hear the heart of Jeremy…an intern with New Life. He attends Moody Bible Institute and has chosen to move into the neighborhood and serve with the church. His passion for our Savior…for this neighborhood was deeply moving.

After a night of hanging out and playing basketball we kicked off our first full day…and it started off GREAT!  We have 4 student leaders on this trip…Ally Zook, Taylor Bennington, Jon Geiser and Jenna Liles…and our worship intern Ben Engle…they led us yesterday morning in a very powerful Team Time on Identity. “It is not WHO we are, it’s WHOSE we are…And I am His!” So good!

We jumped into the rest of our day and the students were solid. 1/2 of our team serves at New Life an the other 1/2 is partnering with Inner City Impact.  It was fun to see our students serving, loving on kids, sharing their faith, being PUSHED by the behavior of the children, SWEATING like crazy at the church. I couldn’t be more proud of our students. EXCITED to hear more stories of how they impacted kids.

 Please keep praying for our team!  God is up to something in these student’s lives and it is fun to watch him work in and through them!!

Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

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