Chicago Day 4

Our morning starts every day with worship and prayer together after we have time for devotions. This morning we stopped and prayed for individual kid’s names that we have met over the first couple of days of our time here…FOR 5 STRAIGHT MINUTES we prayed!! It was AMAZING!  Our kids didn’t only say name after name after name…they did it without even looking at their notebooks!! They KNOW THESE KID’S NAMES and are deeply moved to see them come to Christ!!

Think about it…We know John 3: 16…we may even know it too well…so well that it loses some of its power…this morning though…as the the names were shared…it really made me think…”God MUST be smiling right now!!”  Because this is his heart…he sent HIS Son to die for us…he sent him here because He LONGS to have a relationship with us…AND now he was hearing HIS people praying to him the names of people they knew needed him. SO, SO good!  Moving!!

THEN…at dinner tonight…one of our students shares how a young child named Joshua gave his life to Jesus. WOW!!!!!  Just love to see God move like that!

So I want to ask you…if you are reading this right now…whose name would you pray to God?  Whose names would you lift up to him from your school, work place, neighborhood, etc.? DO IT!!!  Our God answers prayer…so follow the example of our youth and pray right now for people that you know that need Jesus!!

Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

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