Columbus Day 2

What an amazing day! Even though it was a long, hot day our middle school students were champs! We started the day by dividing into our three “street teams.” Each group had the opportunity to serve with SON ministries. This is a program in Hilliard that provides a summer program and lunch to students in need and in poverty in the area. Our first group went to Bayside apartments and hung out with kids of all ages while decorating cookies, playing 9-square, and wrapping each other up in toilet paper as snowmen. In the afternoon, the second group went to one of the local churches in the area where they ate lunch, played soccer, and made salt dough sculptures! Our third group went to another church where they pulled out the 9 square and played basketball with some of the kids. Each team also had time to spend on their devotions and worked on a photo scavenger hunt! It was great to see our students put other people’s needs above themselves. The hard part for our students today was seeing and fully understanding that there are kids who don’t have enough food and don’t have the toys and gadgets that our students do. Many of them also came to the realization that there are so many people in their own community who have the same need! It was amazing to see that lightbulb moment see their understanding. Please be praying that our students can see how they can serve the people in their community and that they don’t need a mission trip to continue what they have learned on this trip so far.

Later in the afternoon we took them to the Columbus Zoo! It was so fun to see their excitement while we were there. Billy asked them to look at families while we were at the zoo and observe how they interact. He also asked our students to meet three new people who were in their “5 foot radius.” This stretched our students but it was neat to hear their stories about conversations they had with people. We then ended our day with a great meal at Raising Cane’s!

At team time, Billy connected what they did at the zoo to their faith. He pointed out that it is our job to share God’s love with others. When we meet people we need to share God’s love with them because their eternity is impacted by that. Lastly, he had them write their stories and how their relationship with God has grown or started through events in their life.

Tomorrow we will be canvassing Hilliard and inviting people to attend Movement Church on Sunday. Please be praying for open hearts from the people we will meet. Also pray that God will give our students His love, His light, and His words tomorrow as they share his story and theirs with others. Tomorrow is a challenging day for most students, but as leaders we know that God is going to work through them and do amazing things!

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Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

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