The pinnacle

I wish you could have been at our team time together tonight when I asked how many of them had shared the gospel today….and almost every hand went in the air……I wish you could’ve been on the steps outside Urban Hope listening to our adult leaders listening and mentoring and discipling our students….overflowing with truth….speaking truth into their lives. I wish you could have seen our students loving kids AND adults this evening at the park and sharing conversation (and the GOSPEL) with them. I wish you all could be here to witness our students jumping out of their comfort zone for God’s Kingdom. Because we win….when the kingdom wins.

Our students blow me away every day. I talked with a girl tonight who said ‘when I came I wasn’t sold out for Jesus….but I can’t wait to go home and make a difference’ … And that’s exactly what we talked about at team time today…..’the pinnacle’ …..

I defined the pinnacle of spiritual life as being ‘living for the moments that last forever’ ….. Or living on mission. Wow did our students blow us away! We talked about how we wanted to be people that just couldn’t shut up about Jesus and how he’s changed our lives (Acts 4:20).

There are students on this team that have led 5 or kids to a saving faith in Jesus …. Praise HIM!

There are students READY to leverage their life for God’s glory and Im so spoiled because I get to watch it. I get to see it first hand.

Thanks for your prayers….we love being here. And we’re learning to love each other and have eyes for people like Jesus does. Pray for us even more as we started to turn the corner and talk about what mission looks like in their schools….what living on mission looks like in Wayne County. I’m pumped about how God is increasing our faith as we continue to trust Him and his care in the moment.

Guest Writer, Rachel
(I sent Jesse to bed since he skipped lunch to put up the pics!)

Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

One thought on “The pinnacle”

  1. This was a very inspiring article , Rachel. I am praying for many victories
    for Christ on your final day in Philadelphia.

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