Two Different Worlds

Today was another full day of sharing and serving…our day started with
Juli sharing in team time about how to trust God as we step out of our
comfort zone. And then the students responded as they walked the dirt roads and walked from hut to hut talking with families, playing with kids,
sharing their faith and praying with people. The translators here are so
good with our teAm. They love Jesus and help us guide conversations.
Thankful for them!

Our students are wrestling with deep issues… As we have seen voodoo
temples and kids living in awful conditions. Our natural reaction is to
want to give them all we have but we are reminded that the goal here is to
reach the people of Haiti for Jesus and to see them empowered to provide
for their own families. It is tough when you see so much poverty and
hurting people… It makes your heart hurt. Then you realize that they are
people just like us with hearts like ours and a need for Jesus like is too!

I wish I could share the countless stories of how God is working here… He is so good! Our students are tirelessly serving and pouring their lives out. They are praying with families and sharing their faith. If you could have seen them in the blazing heat running around with kids… So proud to lead this group!

The best news of the week was when our team was able to pray and see a
lady come to Jesus… Nothing better!! So so good!

As I close pray for our time at church. I (Tim) will be preaching and our
students will be leading a kids program at two different churches! It will
be a great day!!!!

Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

One thought on “Two Different Worlds”

  1. praying for you all and thankful for His help and guidance and strength for you. We are overjoyed to hear of a salvation experience and pray for spiritual protection! Greater is He……!

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