Loving the Least of These…

It has been such a privilege to relay the Haiti Team’s blog posts to you each day as they email me how God is working….in each of their hearts and lives and how he’s working through each of them! I just got off the phone with Tim (yes I heard his voice, as well as your kids laughing and cheering at dinner in the background. They took a couple hours off and took a nap this afternoon and by the sounds of things are ready to go….their hearts are filled….they all feel so alive because of how they have the awesome privilege to see God working first hand through them. How cool. Besides the 3 inch spider in the girls room (don’t worry, it wasn’t poisonous) that Tim had to kill with his flip flop and the snake the Kyle killed while they were working (don’t worry it wasn’t poisonous either) … All the stories were stories of how God was moving and how much fun this group of young people is having together. When high schoolers can serve Jesus as a part of a genuine missional community….life change happens. And it is, thanks for your prayers….here’s an update from Tim and the team!


It’s hot down here! So when we were asked if we wanted ice cream we did not hesitate! Sure wish we could post pics and video! Since we can’t, be watching tonight for a post that will be quotes from each student… A special message home from them. πŸ™‚

We have had very little sickness…Juli one of our leaders did get sick yesterday but has been able to rejoin the group today.

I wish I could express how proud I am of these students… Watching them all lead a kids program during church was so good. Seeing their hearts hurt for the living conditions is moving… Seeing them play with kids even with the heat and been tired is inspiring! ( I Will admit that I have tears of joy in my eyes right now thinking about it!) THE God of the universe is at work here in Haiti… Both in the people and our team.

One story….yesterday our team went to church and saw a family we poured into come for the first time. The father who also came is a voodoo priest…God is working! Another group came that was invited by our team and one of them came to Jesus!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo good!

Last thing… Last night we went up on a mountain to watch the sun set and have our process/debrief time. It was truly priceless to first listen to stories and then to see our team at different places around the mountain praying for the people of Haiti… High school students developing a broken heart for the least of these. Truly a gift from God!

Remember to be watching for a post tonight with a message from our students! Thank you for praying!!!!

Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

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