What You’ve all Been Waiting For:

This week in Haiti God has continually opened and broken my heart for the people and children here. He has shown me extreme darkness but he has also showed me light in that darkness. He has also confirmed for me that He has called me to give my life to third world missions and to bring light to the darkness that I have seen. -Ally

My heart has really been aching for this little boy this week and I am seriously struggling with the fact I have to leave him and I won’t really know how he will be doing everyday. -Julia

This week is breaking my heart but I love it. This little girl named Tina has got ahold of my heart and I ask for prayer for leaving her and going home with peace. -Kari

Being able to serve God throughout this week has been great. We have all been stretched in so many ways but at least we can say we have stepped out in faith. God is doing great things! -Michelle

Simsiali is a young girl that is teaching me what it means to love and be joyful. Praise God for the people in Haiti. -Juli

On this trip God has shown me what true compassion is. I’ve felt for these people like no other and God has broke my heart for them. I’m thankful for the relationships I’ve built. -Trent

Seeing how happy these kids are with the little that they have really stirs my heart. When they remember your name it makes you realize they care so much about you even if you can’t speak to them. I love all of them so much! -Val

It amazes me how much poverty is in Haiti. It is truly unbelievable. However, the people here are so joyful. They are hard working, caring people, who are probably helping us more than us helping them! -Nate

I’ve never cherished ice so much in my life. And sorry I haven’t called mom, there’s no reception here. When we got here all I wanted to do was go home. Now I don’t want to leave. -Allison

You can ALL be so proud of your kids. They are living out Isaiah 58:10-11 with faith and beauty. -Shelly

God is blessing me with a closer relationship with my daughter through our trip to Haiti together. Praise Him! -Dr. Eric Brown, Bath Oh.

I didn’t catch her name but I call her Grandma. We were asking questions and everything she said pointed to God. She has nothing but God is her everything. Just wow! -Nekoda

God has really taught me this week to appreciate every little thing I have and to realize He is all I need. -Anna

That Tap-Tap (Haitian taxi bus) tho… God showed me where my new home is. -Olivia

This week has been very eye opening to everything we take for granted. All of the kids are so amazing and oh boy, is it hot! Love you, Mom and Dad. -Josh

When we were walking in the town we were asked questions. I looked at what we had and what they had. Big difference in so many ways! From now on I will think carefully about what I say and do! -Jenna Brown, Bath, Oh.

It’s crazy how these people have nothing, but Christ is their everything. These kids have made such an impact on me! -AnnKelly

First- miss everybody and home. Second- God is moving in our team. So amazing to see how faithful to Jesus the Haitians are. #foreverchanged -Taylor

This week I have learned that poverty can not only be material, but also spiritual. And “deeting” is now a verb! -Megan

While praying with a little old lady, she pulled Tim and I to either side of her and told us that we were her brothers in Christ. It really opened my eyes to how big my forever family will be in heaven one day. -Andy

Holding a child on the first day, then the next they find you and just want to be held again is powerful. P.S. V.I.P.’s do not mean what you think! -Mariah

Happiness is peace. The best peace comes from the good shepherd. Yeah, God’s taught us all a ton. -Emily

I love Jesus – He’s my best friend. Being here has challenged my relationship with him though. -Mallory

Being humbled to appreciate even the smallest things at home has opened my eyes to a new way of worshiping and ministry. Ask me anything. Miss you. -Brad

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only son.” God is at work here in Haiti in and through our team. Students are changed lives are different! -Dwight

What an amazing experience to worship together Sunday morning with fellow Haitian believers in an open air, mountainside church – wow, they are so expressive and sing out with their whole heart! And the beautiful children will always have a special place in my heart. -Vicki

I’ve seen incredible things in Haiti. From helping with medical clinics to playing with the kids. I’ll never be the same. -Dylan

This week I have learned that I need to have joy no matter the situation. Seeing these kids always happy when they have nothing! Want to come home bringing that joy back home and sharing it with my family. -Kyle

Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

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