Read Luke 11:1-13

Prayer is something that is so special and so important because it is how we talk to God! Not only did God give us an opportunity to have a relationship with Him, but He also gives us the opportunity to chat with Him! This is something that we should not be taking for granted. The bible says that Jesus prayed, and if Jesus took time to talk to God so should we! Take advantage of the privilege we are given and use it to grow closer to the God of the universe who loves you like crazy!

What does your prayer life look like?


What needs to change?


Take time to pray right now!

Abundant Life

Read John 10

Jesus says in verse 10, that he has come to give us life to the abundant or to the fullest. When you live life alone you may have a fun life, but when you live life with Jesus you can have life to the abundant! This is more than just life on earth! Living a life following Christ now means that we can live eternally with Him someday! Christ doesn’t want you to have a good life, because He has the best in store for you. This doesn’t mean life is always going to be easy, but it does mean that your eternal life will be the best.

Am I living for an abundant life or a good one?


Read Luke 8:16-18 & Matthew 5:14-16

This summer has been filled with memories made on the mission trips that you’ve gone on, the ways that each of you have volunteered, and our services on Sunday nights. We have seen you all allow God to STRETCH you in many ways and because of that lives have been changed.

Today we want to encourage each of you with these verses. The enemy is going to do his best to try and make you go back to the way your life use to be before Christ, but don’t let him because you serve a God that is SO much bigger! Let the light of Jesus shine through you in your words, thoughts, and actions. By doing this, God is going to use you to change the lives of the people around you!

Who in your life needs to see your light?

Pray for them and ask God to give you opportunities!

Salt and light

Read Matthew 5

Jesus calls us to be the salt and the light of this world. But what does that mean?

Salt has a distinct flavor too it and is easy recognizable. So as believers we should be the same way. We should live in such a way that is clear to the rest of the world who we follow. And if we are believers and we lose that “Saltiness” what good are we?

Light illuminates and is easily seen and thats how we should be. We should let the light of Jesus shine. We put the light out for everyone to see.

Am I salty? Do people know who I serve by how I live?

Am I letting my light shine?

Haiti Update 5

[This post was written on Tuesday, July 21]

When these students are are challenged… They step up! Yesterday our team went back to Total after studying about several issues that we heard about the first time we went there. The students poured over the Scripture about baptism, marriage, tattoos and dress code for church. The team went to homes and had amazing discussions with the people of the city!! Haitian people got out their Bibles… People were challenged in their faith and one lady gave her life to Jesus! Students. Sharing their faith through an interpreter and quoting scripture… YES!!!!

This happened after spending hours in the morning doing a kids program with over 100 children and playing with kids for the rest of the time. Another YES!!

Today we had a work day and our last opportunity in the neighborhood. I wish that I could convey the depth of our conversation at our team times. The number of names our students shared that need Jesus during prayer. Tears are in my eyes as I think of how God has and is working in our students! What a honor to lead them!

We appreciate your prayers as we travel home tomorrow! We can’t wait to see you and share how God has moved and how we hope he will move when we return!

Luke 9

Read Luke 9:23-27

Jesus here is showing us what it means to be a follower of him. I look at this verse a lot and realize that I miss that mark, but thank God for his grace. Jesus tells us to deny ourselves and to take up our cross daily. First to deny ourselves. This is pretty obvious. We need to stop trying to do things our way and start doing them Gods way.

To pick up our cross is something a little different. Jesus picked up His cross because He was willing to submit himself and die for all of us. That kind of submission is the kind of submission that we are called to. We are supposed to submit and give up everything we have to God.

Am I following Jesus?

Am I denying myself?

Am I picking up my cross daily?

Love your enemies doesn’t mean don’t hurt them, it means help them.

Read Matthew 5:38-48


This past Sunday we learned about what it means to love our enemies. Whether that may be a rivalry between teams or a situation of bullying, we are called to love these people regardless of the way that they treat us. 


Loving your enemies doesn’t mean don’t hurt them, it means help them. There are two options that most choose when it comes to how you handle confrontation: fight or flee. But we want you to choose neither and show them love and compassion through your relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Take some time to think about who your enemies are and make a plan of how you can help them. 


Pray for your enemies and ask God to help you love them like Jesus would.