Philly Day Three

Happy Wednesday!  Our team was definitely feeling the middle of the week yesterday!  After a fantastic time of devotion and motivation led by Billy, the team was rejuvenated for a new day!  During the day, team leaders noticed a renewed spirit, increased energy and students showing the love of Jesus during the Kingdom Kids camp.

2015-07-06 19.20.30

Picture this!!!!  60 children and 12 student/adult leaders, on a school bus, yelling/chanting/singing (there’s a great mixture!)  about the love of Jesus while driving through the streets – five blocks from Urban Hope!!  People on the streets were waving and smiling!  The other half of camp, around 60 children, walk to Urban Hope!  The street teams walk the children back to their streets and homes by chanting verses and singing songs about the love of Jesus!

2015-07-07 20.23.592015-07-08 10.36.35

The children here in Philly are full of love!  Our student team is so focused on making sure the children know WHO to love and trust and WHO definitely loves them, no matter what!  Jesus loves!!  Children left camp today knowing James 4:7 “So Obey God.  Stand up to the devil and he will run away from you.”

This week we have been wearing rubber bands to remind ourselves to ‘stretch’ out of our comfort zones and allow God to use each of us in a new way.  Wednesday evening we had the perfect opportunity to stretch ourselves while walking through the neighborhood streets to meet people.  Teams were encouraged to initiate prayer and listen to people’s stories.  What an amazing experience!! Our students returned with stories of people they met and how they were able to pray with them.

We have 4 more camp sessions in the next two days.  Please continue to pray for the team.  Pray for energy and endurance, also, for guidance as our students are working with a wide range of children with many different backgrounds and experiences!!  God is good all the time!!

Thank you for your continued prayers – we all feel them in Philly!

Jennifer Shutt

Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

One thought on “Philly Day Three”

  1. Continued prayers for the team as they minister to the people of Philly. Also, continued prayers for unity among our Youth Group, that they would see they are not individual schools, or athletes, or scholars, but all Children of God!

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