Philly Day Four

Happy Thursday! It is hard to believe that we are down to our last two days here in Philly. Our students have been apart of some amazing things and have truly seen God work this week!

As we got prepared for the day this morning, everyone was dragging a little bit. Between the heat and the busy-ness of the week, we were all a little tired. It is amazing how God can give us energy in an instant though. As soon as we headed out to pick up kids our students immediately were more energized. It has been so neat to see our students bond with some of the kids that come to Kingdom Kids, and it will be hard to leave them on Saturday.

Our students would tell you that today was a hard day. They were tired and we had so many kids! However, some great things happened today at camp. There were five or six kids that became part of God’s kingdom, and some of our students were able to pray with other kids about what they were learning. So many of our students are ready and willing to share their faith and see these kids come to know Jesus and see His love.

Tonight we were supposed to do a prayer walk around the neighborhood and pass out water ice to the community, however there was a thunderstorm warning so we ended up getting to eat water ice and hang out with the Urban Hope. It was so fun to be able to get to know the director and his family more, and the all the volunteers and staff that help keep this ministry going.At our team time tonight Billy spent some time talking about what it looks like to keep our faith fueled. Our students were challenged to reach their friends and family in Wayne County and to share the gospel with them and further the kingdom of God. Our students truly understand what their next step is as believers and what their role is as we head back this weekend. 

Billy and I also had the opportunity to spend some time with the seniors and graduates on the trip. We wanted their insight into high school ministries and what they were excited about for this upcoming year. Billy and I are so excited to get to know this group of seniors better and what is a better way to get to know someone than to be squeezed into a booth with 14 other people at Applebee’s. This is a great group of seniors and we are so excited to see how God uses them this year!

Thank you so much for praying for our team this week! Today was a day we needed the prayers even more and we could feel God energizing us and as leaders we could see Him working in our students.

Tomorrow we wrap up the last week of Kingdom Kids Day camp. Be praying that 200 kids come to camp, that our students are able to share the gospel, and that ten new families come to Urban Hope Church on Sunday. We are here for a short time, but the ministry of Urban Hope is so important in this community and we are so glad that we get to be a small part of it. Thanks again and see you all on Saturday!

Courtney Starkey

PS: We will be posting travel updates on Facebook throughout the day on Saturday. We will let you know when we leave Philly and we will let you know when we get close to Wooster. Pray for safe travels!

Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

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