Read Judges 4

Have you ever felt toward something that didn’t make sense? Like God was pulling you into a direction that sounded like it wasn’t where you should go. Maybe because you aren’t gifted or the odds don’t seem to be on your side.

Deborah, a prophet of the Lord, approached Barak, no not Obama, and told him what the Lord wanted. He was timid and said He would only go if Deborah did. Because of this the victory would not be his, but this teaches us something. If you stay faithful to God, and do what He says or calls us to do, He will be faithful to us and fulfill all that He has promised.

Where is God pulling me?


Read Judges 6

Gideon, like a lot of us, was a coward. God was calling Gideon for something great, and he was hesitant. Gideon was afraid to take the next step God was calling him towards.

Maybe you are in a similar situation. Maybe you feel God tugging you into a certain direction, but you don’t feel confident enough. Maybe you don’t think you’re good enough. Maybe, you think you don’t have what it takes.

In Verse 14 God says to Gideon “Go in the strength you have…”. He tells Gideon to take what you have. And later in Verse 16 God says “I will be with you…”.

If God is calling you to do something, then do it. He has equip you and will be with you through it. Don’t be afraid to take your next step.

What is my next step?