Worship Band Auditions

We are so excited that you want to be a part of the High School Worship Team!

Below is a dropbox link where you can download the necessary files for your audition. Please make sure you read the Video Audition Prep PDF before anything else. This will give you directions on what song you will be practicing and performing. The auditions will be video based so if you can’t take a video then please email me at bjengle29@gmail.com. No worries we can work around that. I don’t want that to get in the way of you being apart of an awesome team. When you are ready to upload your video, you can do either of the following,

  • Upload on youtube unlisted (send me the youtube link via email)
  • Upload on Vimeo (send me the link via email)
  • Text message the video to me at (330)-465-6370 (this works well if you took the video on your phone) **I have an iPhone so if you have an android they may not like to send videos to each other
  • Email me the video if it is not too big

The files for your auditions can be found here

Grace Groups Lists

Here are our Grace Groups for this year!

HS Grace Groups 2015-16

Don’t see your name? That’s because you haven’t signed up yet. Fill out the form below and you’ll be in a group starting this Sunday night after our service!

Grace Groups are coming!!!

Here at Grace, we believe that life is better together. Grace Groups are for 7-12th graders and they meet Sunday evenings after our services. This is a time to grow in your faith through connection with other. Come have fun with friends, honestly discuss real life issues and find out what the Bible has to say about your life. Each group is led by hand picked adult leaders who desire to see you grow!

Student Grace Groups meet after our Sunday night services and begin Sep 20th. Sign up for Groups below!