7 Tips on How You Can Have The #BestYearYet!

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Happy New Year from Grace Students!

It’s crazy to think that another year has passed and we are moving into a new one. We had an amazing 2015 with life changing mission trips, students taking their next steps with baptism, and seeing 81 students make a decision for Jesus at Welcome Weekend with Clayton King!

Here’s the thing: 2016 is about to be the Best Year Yet

We have all heard of New Year’s Resolutions; goals we want to set for ourselves so we can have the best year possible. We wanted to start you off right in 2016 with 7 ways you can make this the #BestYearYet!

1. Make memories with your friends!
The best way to do that is hanging out with your friends all the time! Going to each other’s house and hanging out, bonfires in the summer time, sporting events and maybe possibly going to Kalahari 2016 January 22-24th!

2. Drink a lot of water!
Maybe you feel as though you need to cut out soda or another sugary drink. Maybe this year you want to drink so many ounces of water a day! That’s an awesome goal to have! It’s also a great idea to spend some time IN water! Hmmm… where you can you find that? Kalahari 2016!

3. Have a care free attitude!
Maybe this past year has been really stressful for you! Maybe you are wanting to just go and have fun this year. You can have a ton of fun with your friends at Kalahari 2016!

4.Eat Healthy!
We know that it can be tough to eat healthy at times, especially with so many choices such as Taco bell, Wendy’s and soon Five Guys Burgers and Fries! But you know where you can eat healthy at? Kalahari 2016! (Warning: At Kalahari 2016 you will not actually eat healthy? You will consume a lot of sugar and delicious food that isn’t good for you)

5. Stop Procrastinating!
Maybe you turn your homework assignments late or you wait round til the last second to do something! You can start of 2016 with turning in your Kalahari 2016 registration on time tonight (Sunday January 3rd)!

6. Meet New people!
Maybe you want to get to know some new people and make some new friends! The best way to do that is go to Kalahari 2016 where there will be 2,000 other students there for an incredible weekend!

7. Travel more!
Maybe you are thinking of taking a vacation this year! Maybe going to the beach or even going camping! Well how about an awesome weekend at North America’s largest indoor waterpark with all of your friends!

If you haven’t picked up on the hint yet, we think that going to Kalahari 2016 is a great way to make this year the #BestYearYet. Learn more and sign up online at woostergracestudents.org. Hit us up on Twitter (@gshighschool) if you have questions! Finally, join us tonight as we start our new series #BestYearYet!

Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

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