Watch The Throne Reading – April 6

Saul is Anointed King

Read: 1 Samuel 9-10


Saul was sent out to look for donkeys. He had no idea what was going to come of that. They struggled to find the donkeys and probably had a thought like, “This is the worst day! It’s hot and we’re tired.” Saul even suggested that they head back home, but the servant with him suggested one last thing. So they went to see Samuel.

God had already gone ahead and prepared the way for Saul. Have you ever been frustrated with a situation and you just can’t seem to see a way out? This is probably how Saul felt, but then Samuel treats him like a king! And Saul has no idea what to do with that! He doesn’t feel worthy of that kind of treatment. In 1 Samuel 9:21 it says,

“Saul answered, “But am I not a Benjamite, from the smallest tribe of Israel, and is not my clan the least of all the clans of the tribe of Benjamin? Why do you say such a thing to me?””

Saul is saying, “I’m the lowest guy on the totem pole. Why me?” Can you imagine? If someone came up to you today and said, “You are going to be the president.” How would you react? Would you feel good enough?

God uses ordinary people to do the extraordinary.

God saw this man, Saul, and wanted to use him to do the extraordinary! He wanted Saul to be the king! We’ll find out later that Saul had some downfalls like we all do, but God has more planned than we can ever imagine.


Are you open to what God could have planned for you?

God wants to use you in extraordinary ways, but in order to be ready for that you need to prepare. One way you can prepare is by spending time in God’s Word. Reading your Bible and continuing to be more and more like Christ. I challenge you to take 15 minutes every day to read your Bible. Use these devotions to get into the habit of reading daily. You never know when God can call you to be extraordinary! It could be simply inviting a friend to church or stepping up and leading your Grace Group. Whatever it is, you want to be ready!

Watch The Throne Reading – April 5

Israel Asks For A King

Read: 1 Samuel 8

Reflect: We read yesterday in Deuteronomy 17:14-20 about how God told his people that a king was coming – that one day they would have a king rule over them. Well, at this point in the story it hadn’t happened yet; God’s people had a good leader over them (Samuel), but he wasn’t a king. In 1 Samuel 8:5 we read that the people came to Samuel near the end of his time as leader and said, “You are old, and your sons do not follow your ways; now appoint a king to lead us, such as all the other nations have.”

Have you ever experienced rejection before? Maybe you tried out for the school play but didn’t make it. Maybe you asked someone out on a date and got denied. Maybe you got your shot blocked all the way into next week in basketball. Nobody likes rejection. It hurts! That’s what Samuel felt at this moment. He had been a good leader of God’s people, but the people’s request for a king must have felt like a rejection. “What? Am I not good enough for them?” He must have thought.

So Samuel took that thought to God. He prayed about it… and look at what God said:

The Lord told him: “Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king. – 1 Samuel 8:7

Samuel took the people’s request for a king as a personal rejection, but he was wrong. God made it clear that when the people asked for a king, it wasn’t Samuel they were rejecting; It was Him. See, God has always been and will always be the rightful King. He deserves to sit on the throne of our hearts and to be our Ruler. But just like God’s people in this story, we reject God as a king and put other things in his place.


As we’ll read in the next few days, God’s people made a man named Saul their king. Saul started off okay, but eventually, he let the people down. The truth is, every other king can and will let us down. Think about this: Who or what is your king? Don’t just give a church answer – really think about it. Who or what do you follow after in life? What captures your attention? What do you spend the most time on? Where does your energy go? You’ll find your “king” at the end of those questions. But realize this…

When you bend your knee to someone or something else as king, you are rejecting God as your King. You are telling God, intentional or not, that He is not a good enough King for you, that He is not worth following, and that you don’t trust Him to lead your life. If you’ve ever experienced rejection, you know it hurts. God hurts when we reject Him because he wants the very best for our lives (read: John 10:10). But God’s best for our lives only comes about in God’s way. Take a moment today and ask God to remove from your life any other “kings” you have been worshipping and to take His rightful place as King of your heart. He is a good King, kind and just, strong and powerful, humble and considerate, and able to give you what you truly need in life – He will lead you well if you would follow after Him.

Watch The Throne Reading – April 4

God’s Qualities for a King

Read: Deuteronomy 17:14-20


In this passage, God lays out the qualities of the future king of Israel. He explains the type of king that the Israelite people should follow after. God makes it clear that this king will be chosen by Him and will be from among the Israelite people. He goes on to explain that the king must not be distracted by power, wealth or relationships. This king will prioritize the word, fear the Lord and will continually lead the people out of slavery.God is warning the people of the many temptations that the future king will face. He makes it clear that even the King will be under His rule and authority.

You’ll see as we read about the future kings, that each king failed to meet all of these qualifications. There was, and is, only ONE perfect king and that is Jesus Christ.


What is on the throne of you heart today? Is there an area in your life where you are putting something or someone other than Jesus on the throne? Are you distracted by relationships, popularity, sports, money, or your looks? Are you struggling with the many temptations of this world? Be honest with yourself about whatever it is. I encourage you to write a letter to God today, telling him about it, and asking Him to help you grow closer to him as He helps you overcome the distractions of this world.

Make a commitment to spend the next five weeks prioritizing the word by participating in these daily devotions, and ultimately putting Jesus on the throne of your heart.