Philly: Day 1

Yesterday, Sunday, was a fantastic end to the StreetWise conference and a great transition into welcoming the rest of the Philly team to Urban Hope! Here is a note from Chloe Boucher about Sunday.

“Hi friends and family! Thank you so much for all of your prayers throughout not only this past week but also for this upcoming week! Streetwise was an amazing experience and we all learned so much. Today was a day full of all kinds of emotions. First of all, our leader team plus Tyler and Lauren left in the morning as it was the end of StreetWise. I am so thankful for all of them, how blessed our team was. After the leaders left, the rest of our StreetWise team got to go to Church on the Block. This service was incredible. This church loves to worship and celebrate all that the Lord does. Our team was completely in awe of what God was doing during this service… we got to witness 6 people get baptized!!! Praise the Lord! Needless to say, there were a few tears.

FullSizeRenderOur team then got to go watch the new Spider-Man movie, we all needed the comedic relief from the movie-and from Billy falling asleep!

Once we got back to Urban Hope, we had about 30 minutes before the rest of our Philly team arrived in which all of the girls took naps. And then finally…the rest of the team arrived!!!! We are together and then had orientation on Urban Hope and on Kingdom Kids Camp. Afterwards, we had some free time to just get to know each other better and get ready for an amazing week at Kingdom Kids.

Please be praying for life change in not only the kids but also in our team. This is going to be a tiring week, but I can’t wait to see what all God does this week in Philly!” (Chloe Boucher)

TODAY, Monday, we’ve started our first day of Kingdom Kids Camp at Urban Hope and then we went and passed out some sandwiches in a homeless community. Below, you’ll see some thoughts from Mya Vandegrift and Kristian Kirsch.

“In the morning we picked up kids from the West side of the church. It was a good group, and pretty energy filled. After lunch it was time for round two. We picked up kids from the East side, and had a roughly smaller number of children total. They were a bit more talkative, but I fell in love with their personalities.

Image-1After dinner we did a homeless ministry, giving sandwiches and conversations to those whom are usually overlooked. It was an amazing experience, and I believe it opened our eyes to a lot of America’s physical and spiritual needs. I met a lot of great people, one of which was under influence and only wished that we pray for his wife and daughter. It seemed as if they were all he had, and everything we saw added to this idea that we are all human, and all in something to hold on to. We can’t get through this alone, none of us can. We need to love each other, and above all love God.” (Mya Vandegrift)

“This afternoon we had a kids camp that I got to lead with a great group of leaders. It was so encouraging to see the positive attitude that the kids expressed throughout the camp despite the poverty in their neighborhood and the problems they might be facing. I had a kid named Dylan who, during our small group time, told me that he was against God when asked a question concerning where they were at with Christ. I asked him why and he explained that it was because people took things from him. I explained that God wouldn’t allow anything to happen to him that He wouldn’t use to help him grow. When I continued to talk to him, he told me he wanted to follow Christ! After being able to pray with him, I saw a more positive turn in him afterwards. Philly has been absolutely amazing and humbling and so far I’ve been here only a little more than 24 hours. I can’t wait to see what God has for the rest of the week!” (Kristian Kirsch)

Thank you all for continued prayers!

Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

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