Philly: Day 4

A note from Billy:

Parents and everyone else reading this blog,

Thank you for praying for our team while we’re in Philly this week! We have already had an incredible trip and we are excited to see what God does next. We’ve led six kids camps already, provided meals and prayer to the homeless, learned about how to share the Gospel across different cultures and religions, grown closer as a team, and, most importantly, we’ve seen kids give their lives to Jesus this week! Please continue praying for our team that God would continue to work through us and in us in Philly. He’s done so much already and I know He can do so much more!

IMG_3096Now that both the StreetWise and Philly teams are serving together at Urban Hope, I have traveled home today as planned to prepare for Grace Students this Sunday night and also to get ready to lead our Middle School mission trip to Columbus next week. Our Philly team is now being led by Tim Boucher, our Grace Kids Director, Juli Ressler, our Grace Students Ministry Assistant, and Jake Lawson, one of our Next Steps Directors on staff, along with a great team of volunteers. Pray for them as they lead the team this week, and pray for us to have a life-changing trip in Columbus next week.

P.S. Shameless plug because I couldn’t be more excited about it: We have nine spots left for the Columbus trip! If you have a student entering grades 7 or 8 next year it is not too late for them to sign up and join us. You can find the form at and email me at to let me know you’re interested!

Now, here’s an update on what God did in Philly today from two of our students, Nick Muro and Lexi Muntin!

Billy Starkey
Grace Students Director

It’s only been three full days in Philadelphia and God has already been working in the lives of countless people. Nick Muro was one of our students  who has already directly witnessed this life change first hand. “I’ve seen God working in countless lives, three of which i was able to talk to these kids and help them accept Christ into their lives. The 19959103_1544822185539429_6147631490845181644_nfirst one was on Tuesday and she was an awesome kid, her name was Kin Kin and I was brought into that situation by my friend Hannah Engle, she was one of the seniors in our group. Kin Kin had been talking to her when she decided that she wanted to accept Christ and Hannah actually gave me the chance to talk to her about accepting Christ and what it meant. It was an awesome experience and Kin Kin really seemed to know what she was talking about and seemed really happy to serve her new lord. The other two kids were actually two cousins. One of them was talking to me about what Heaven was like and he wanted to know more about it and so one of the things I said was that to get to heaven you have to accept Christ Jesus into your heart. So, once I was able to pull him aside his cousin tagged along as well and so again I was able to talk to them about what accepting Christ means and how Jesus can clean your heart of sin. I am so thankful that I am able to go on a trip to Philly this year, it really has been a breathtaking experience this week as he changes the lives of these young kids. Now I’m looking forward to what God has in store for the rest of camp and these kid’s futures.”

19884381_1544584172229897_2419255778030827702_n.jpgHere’s an update from another student, Lexi Muntin: “As we’ve served people here the stories of life change and the Lord’s power have just flooded in leaving us all emotionally charged with compassion for the people of Philly and each other. Today was our third day of Kingdom Kids camp and it left everyone somewhat tired, but completely filled with urge to serve, whether that would be praying for strangers on the street or passing out Water Ice as well we have all been ready to serve. Last night was incredibly emotional during a specific session of worship for a lot of people and it carried over today, in almost every way it brought us closer to each other and left us more ready to give ourselves to God completely. So as w start to reach the end of our week we ask for everyone to keep us in their prayers and hope for even more life change to come!”

Author: Grace Students

Grace Students is the student ministry of Grace Church in Wooster, OH. Our mission is to develop all students into fully devoted followers of Christ.

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