Excited to come home, but sad to leave.

I love this group of students. I know… You are going to tell me it’s my job but this goes way beyond that. In sports we often say to leave everything on the field…to give all you have… And these students have done it.

Today we closed the week by heading back into the community and spending time with families…sharing life with them… It was so good!

Will you pray that our students live out the challenge that they have been given back home? Our students are excited to come home and sad to leave the people here…thAnk you for praying!!


I am soooo excited!  I can actually get online right now and post in real time!

First of all…I apologize that we have been unable to post more often. Right now I am uploading 374 pictures onto Facebook…Today we worked hard and played hard. Since we have been here we have had the opportunity to show Jesus’ love to kids by playing with them and sharing Jesus with them. We have been able to talk, through an interpreter, to adults in their homes…we have helped to lead children’s services, been to the Haitian Market, a restaurant, hiked a mountain, worked in the maringa field…today though we were able to serve CPR-3 by painting and prepping an area for a new pavilion. OUR STUDENTS WORKED HARD!!

BUT…this afternoon…we are playing hard!! The reason I have access now is because we went to a resort for a beach and pool afternoon. So good for our students to relax on the beach and use REAL toilets! 🙂  OH…they’ll tell you about our VIPs…they smell “good!”  🙂

I would like to say that I am so proud of these students. I have tears in my eyes right now as I type…thinking of all that they have done this week to serve the people of Haiti. The attitudes that they have had while they did it…it brings true joy to my heart. This is an amazing group of students.

Thank you parents for sending your children…they have taught me a lot this week and I am honored to serve with them!

HEY…the upload on Facebook is complete…I’m going to post the pics right now!! Enjoy capturing just a taste of our week…CAN. NOT. WAIT. to share more with you!!

What You’ve all Been Waiting For:

This week in Haiti God has continually opened and broken my heart for the people and children here. He has shown me extreme darkness but he has also showed me light in that darkness. He has also confirmed for me that He has called me to give my life to third world missions and to bring light to the darkness that I have seen. -Ally

My heart has really been aching for this little boy this week and I am seriously struggling with the fact I have to leave him and I won’t really know how he will be doing everyday. -Julia

This week is breaking my heart but I love it. This little girl named Tina has got ahold of my heart and I ask for prayer for leaving her and going home with peace. -Kari

Being able to serve God throughout this week has been great. We have all been stretched in so many ways but at least we can say we have stepped out in faith. God is doing great things! -Michelle

Simsiali is a young girl that is teaching me what it means to love and be joyful. Praise God for the people in Haiti. -Juli

On this trip God has shown me what true compassion is. I’ve felt for these people like no other and God has broke my heart for them. I’m thankful for the relationships I’ve built. -Trent

Seeing how happy these kids are with the little that they have really stirs my heart. When they remember your name it makes you realize they care so much about you even if you can’t speak to them. I love all of them so much! -Val

It amazes me how much poverty is in Haiti. It is truly unbelievable. However, the people here are so joyful. They are hard working, caring people, who are probably helping us more than us helping them! -Nate

I’ve never cherished ice so much in my life. And sorry I haven’t called mom, there’s no reception here. When we got here all I wanted to do was go home. Now I don’t want to leave. -Allison

You can ALL be so proud of your kids. They are living out Isaiah 58:10-11 with faith and beauty. -Shelly

God is blessing me with a closer relationship with my daughter through our trip to Haiti together. Praise Him! -Dr. Eric Brown, Bath Oh.

I didn’t catch her name but I call her Grandma. We were asking questions and everything she said pointed to God. She has nothing but God is her everything. Just wow! -Nekoda

God has really taught me this week to appreciate every little thing I have and to realize He is all I need. -Anna

That Tap-Tap (Haitian taxi bus) tho… God showed me where my new home is. -Olivia

This week has been very eye opening to everything we take for granted. All of the kids are so amazing and oh boy, is it hot! Love you, Mom and Dad. -Josh

When we were walking in the town we were asked questions. I looked at what we had and what they had. Big difference in so many ways! From now on I will think carefully about what I say and do! -Jenna Brown, Bath, Oh.

It’s crazy how these people have nothing, but Christ is their everything. These kids have made such an impact on me! -AnnKelly

First- miss everybody and home. Second- God is moving in our team. So amazing to see how faithful to Jesus the Haitians are. #foreverchanged -Taylor

This week I have learned that poverty can not only be material, but also spiritual. And “deeting” is now a verb! -Megan

While praying with a little old lady, she pulled Tim and I to either side of her and told us that we were her brothers in Christ. It really opened my eyes to how big my forever family will be in heaven one day. -Andy

Holding a child on the first day, then the next they find you and just want to be held again is powerful. P.S. V.I.P.’s do not mean what you think! -Mariah

Happiness is peace. The best peace comes from the good shepherd. Yeah, God’s taught us all a ton. -Emily

I love Jesus – He’s my best friend. Being here has challenged my relationship with him though. -Mallory

Being humbled to appreciate even the smallest things at home has opened my eyes to a new way of worshiping and ministry. Ask me anything. Miss you. -Brad

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only son.” God is at work here in Haiti in and through our team. Students are changed lives are different! -Dwight

What an amazing experience to worship together Sunday morning with fellow Haitian believers in an open air, mountainside church – wow, they are so expressive and sing out with their whole heart! And the beautiful children will always have a special place in my heart. -Vicki

I’ve seen incredible things in Haiti. From helping with medical clinics to playing with the kids. I’ll never be the same. -Dylan

This week I have learned that I need to have joy no matter the situation. Seeing these kids always happy when they have nothing! Want to come home bringing that joy back home and sharing it with my family. -Kyle

Loving the Least of These…

It has been such a privilege to relay the Haiti Team’s blog posts to you each day as they email me how God is working….in each of their hearts and lives and how he’s working through each of them! I just got off the phone with Tim (yes I heard his voice, as well as your kids laughing and cheering at dinner in the background. They took a couple hours off and took a nap this afternoon and by the sounds of things are ready to go….their hearts are filled….they all feel so alive because of how they have the awesome privilege to see God working first hand through them. How cool. Besides the 3 inch spider in the girls room (don’t worry, it wasn’t poisonous) that Tim had to kill with his flip flop and the snake the Kyle killed while they were working (don’t worry it wasn’t poisonous either) … All the stories were stories of how God was moving and how much fun this group of young people is having together. When high schoolers can serve Jesus as a part of a genuine missional community….life change happens. And it is, thanks for your prayers….here’s an update from Tim and the team!


It’s hot down here! So when we were asked if we wanted ice cream we did not hesitate! Sure wish we could post pics and video! Since we can’t, be watching tonight for a post that will be quotes from each student… A special message home from them. 🙂

We have had very little sickness…Juli one of our leaders did get sick yesterday but has been able to rejoin the group today.

I wish I could express how proud I am of these students… Watching them all lead a kids program during church was so good. Seeing their hearts hurt for the living conditions is moving… Seeing them play with kids even with the heat and been tired is inspiring! ( I Will admit that I have tears of joy in my eyes right now thinking about it!) THE God of the universe is at work here in Haiti… Both in the people and our team.

One story….yesterday our team went to church and saw a family we poured into come for the first time. The father who also came is a voodoo priest…God is working! Another group came that was invited by our team and one of them came to Jesus!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo good!

Last thing… Last night we went up on a mountain to watch the sun set and have our process/debrief time. It was truly priceless to first listen to stories and then to see our team at different places around the mountain praying for the people of Haiti… High school students developing a broken heart for the least of these. Truly a gift from God!

Remember to be watching for a post tonight with a message from our students! Thank you for praying!!!!

Two Different Worlds

Today was another full day of sharing and serving…our day started with
Juli sharing in team time about how to trust God as we step out of our
comfort zone. And then the students responded as they walked the dirt roads and walked from hut to hut talking with families, playing with kids,
sharing their faith and praying with people. The translators here are so
good with our teAm. They love Jesus and help us guide conversations.
Thankful for them!

Our students are wrestling with deep issues… As we have seen voodoo
temples and kids living in awful conditions. Our natural reaction is to
want to give them all we have but we are reminded that the goal here is to
reach the people of Haiti for Jesus and to see them empowered to provide
for their own families. It is tough when you see so much poverty and
hurting people… It makes your heart hurt. Then you realize that they are
people just like us with hearts like ours and a need for Jesus like is too!

I wish I could share the countless stories of how God is working here… He is so good! Our students are tirelessly serving and pouring their lives out. They are praying with families and sharing their faith. If you could have seen them in the blazing heat running around with kids… So proud to lead this group!

The best news of the week was when our team was able to pray and see a
lady come to Jesus… Nothing better!! So so good!

As I close pray for our time at church. I (Tim) will be preaching and our
students will be leading a kids program at two different churches! It will
be a great day!!!!

Delivering Clean Water … with your help

What a huge blessing it was to present cpr3 with 11 cups that represented the $11000 that was given at vbs. I wish that all of the kids could be here that gave at vbs and could see the joy of the people. This gift so encouraged them! 
Then today we were able to go and do surveys that will help cpr3 bring clean water to this city! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! Give a gift and then get to go help make it happen. Thanking God for all he is doing through our church!!

In Awe……

This team has been amazing! They started serving and loving on kids and their families soon after we arrived. It is quite hot here and these students keep going and sharing Jesus. It’s inspiring!

Today we have had the opportunity to be in over 50 homes. You have to picture what that is like…being invited into a home with cloth walls, dirt floors and old rags for sheets… You see how dirty it is but then you see something else…smiles. Not one but many and it is overwhelming. You want to cry and smile all at once.
I sit in awe as I watch our students…. Bradley with sweat running down his face running to get things for the kids at a vbs… Julia playing with kids hanging all over her… Trent carrying kids on his back for hours… I could go on and on but this isn’t the best part… When I look out in the neighborhood and see our students praying with families through a translator my heart is so full! Jesus’ love is being shown and shared!!!!
Thank you so much for your prayers they are felt. Thank you too for your patience there is only one phone that can sometimes get online… We will update as we can!
Another post
What a huge blessing it was to present cpr3 with 11 cups that represented the $11000 that was given at vbs. I wish that all of the kids could be here that gave at vbs and could see the joy of the people. This gift so encouraged them! 
Then today we were able to go and do surveys that will help cpr3 bring clean water to this city! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! Give a gift and then get to go help make it happen. Thanking God for all he is doing through our church!!